Our Services

We focus on helping clients choose the right mix of equity and fixed income (stock and bond) securities designed to meet their needs for the accumulation of wealth and for income. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives and tolerance for risk. Then, we discuss the individual securities that might make a good addition to an investment portfolio, along with whether the client is buying to hold for the long term, to trade when profit opportunities occur, or to adjust the portfolio to limit potential losses if the price goes down on individual securities or within a particular industry sector.

Our personal experience, close attention to the markets, and access to D.A. Davidson and third-party research help us offer timely and informed guidance on securities investments that target long-term goals for financial success.

We are dedicated to helping clients understand the characteristics associated with many different investment solutions, and we take the time to help clients make informed investment choices.

D.A. Davidson Financial Advisors have access to award-winning research which, along with a wide range of investment choices within our platform, helps us offer clients timely, informed advice. Additionally, D.A. Davidson Financial Advisors have access to a full team of professionals specializing in insurance, trust services, and estate, retirement, and financial planning, which means we have the capacity to develop comprehensive planning for clients designed to meet their long-term financial goals.